Pay lower utility bills with a free consultation.

Benefit from the knowledge and experience of our consultants, who will analyse your bills and prepare a customised offer for you with the lowest prices on the market.

Are increasing utility prices starting to scare you? Wondering how to reduce your company’s energy consumption costs?

When you look at your bills do you feel like you are overpaying a lot? Together, we will analyse your business bills and energy requirements so that you can keep them to a minimum.

All it takes is one decision:
Either accept ever-increasing utility bills.
Or… schedule a free call with our consultant!

If you choose the latter, then:


The current market situation does not look optimistic. To make matters worse, most of the increases are affecting businesses. Rising costs of electricity, gas, heating – all of this is forcing companies to increase prices. But… how long long can you keep doing that? The truth is that those who know how to reduce the cost of doing business as much as possible will remain in the market.

With our help you will easily:

1. Check if and where your company loses money

we will analyse your bills and utility requirements for savings.

2. You will optimise your business costs

we will select specifically for your sector the best offers on the market and tailor them to your individual needs.

3. You will learn what to do to pay even less

we keep up to date with all the latest developments that will allow you to further reduce your bills (you can even make money on some solutions!)

Discover where you loose you money, find out how to pay less and stop worrying about the size of your next utility bill.

How does it sound?

What savings do our clients achieve?


(owner of a car workshop near Krakow)​
pays PLN 279 for electricity today. The current market price is … PLN 1,400! In his case, it’s not 20, not 30, but 80% savings! And it will be like that for at least three more years.
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average electricity price reduction
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satisfied customers
owner of one of Krakow's restaurants
I didn’t believe in the lower prices, but I very quickly became convinced of the reliability of Tańsze Media. My friends with similar restaurants pay 2 and 3 times higher bills.

I took the risk and now I know it was worth it. I have passed on your contact details to business acquaintances. I recommend it!

Why is it worth working with us?

Have you ever been persuaded by someone to sign a contract and they disappeared? It won’t happen with us! In addition to free consultations, if you find this solution attractive, you can count on the ongoing support of an adviser who:
  • contacts you as part of a free service,
  • advises you what to look out for in order to save even more,
  • is on top of all changes – he calls and let you know that there are new products on the market that save you even more on the fixed costs of running your business!

Guarantee of no price increases even for the next 10 years!


Yes! Any company – regardless of size – can benefit from our advice. And it is quite free of charge.
There are many indications that we will be able to negotiate better prices for you than you have been paying so far. Everything will become clear after a free analysis of your accounts.
No. We will carry out the audit for you free of charge.
If, during the analysis of your bills, it turns out that we can offer you better solutions, you can count on a minimum 30% reduction in costs.
No, our services are free of charge to you. Our remuneration is covered by the utility sellers we work with. This allows us to offer you the best prices and take care of your business for free.

All we can ask of you is… an opinion and a recommendation 🙂


You are only 1 step away from lower bills!