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What is the pathway for electricity to reach our homes?
How do I switch electricity supplier and save on my bills?

1. Power plant (producer)

Most of Poland’s electricity comes from coal. Electricity production is carried out by power plants located in different parts of the country. Most often near mines and other energy sources. In addition to coal-fired power plants, there are also hydroelectric and wind power plants. The electricity from the power station is then bought by various energy distributors through the Power Exchange and each buys it at the same price.

2. Distributor

Distributors send energy purchased on the exchange through their networks to the customer indicated in the Contract. There are five main electricity distributors in Poland: Energa, Enea, PGE, Tauron and Innogy. There are also regional distributors in the market. Consumers have no say in whose distribution network electricity is supplied to their household.

3. Seller

You cannot change the distribution system operator assigned to your place of residence. However, you can easily switch electricity sellers. Energy for companies and households is marketised. As a final consumer, you buy your electricity not from the distributor but from its sellers. There is free competition in this market, which means that electricity prices can vary depending on the supplier’s offer. Switching sellers can be a way to reduce your electricity bills. The procedure is very simple and in many cases you can arrange it online. The sellers also provide assistance. Compare the existing price per 1kWh and choose the cheapest option. When changing electricity sellers for the first time, it is also necessary to conclude a distribution service agreement with the distributor. In case of subsequent change, this is no longer necessary.

4. Cheaper utilities

Remember, when deciding to change your electricity supplier, you do not have to deal with the formalities on your own. We will select the best purchasing solution for you to keep your electricity costs as low as possible . You can grant a power of attorney to the new energy seller of your choice. We act on your behalf and represent your interests, and we take responsibility for the entire change process. With your consent, we will terminate the contract with the existing company from which you have been buying your electricity and (if necessary) enter into a new distribution services contract. All that remains on your side is to sign the relevant contracts and powers of attorney.

5. Customer

You are the ultimate consumer of electricity as presented in the scheme. You pay primarily for your company’s energy consumption. However, the agreed price per kWh with the seller will ultimately determine your bills. With ever-increasing electricity prices, we take care that you do not overpay. Compare prices and take advantage of the tań offer to save as much as possible.

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