Cheaper electricity with price guarantee

Reduce your company’s electricity costs by up to 85% – with a permanent low price guarantee for up to 10 years!

Tired of constant electricity price rises?
Is your company generating increasing costs due to market fluctuations? Are you afraid you’ll be forced to raise prices again and your customers will go to the competition?


Now you have a choice. You can continue to pay increasingly higher bills or…


In 3 steps, we will show you how to quickly reduce your company’s electricity costs with our help:

1. We will perform a free energy audit

we will analyse electricity costs, paying attention to the equipment used in your business: ventilation, air conditioning and other machinery.

2. We will optimise energy supply costs

we will verify and tailor the offer based on the specifics of your business - every business is different and has completely different electricity needs.

3. We will select a product tailored to your needs that will save you even more

we will recalculate the costs of your investment and the return on investment periods so that you only pay what you need to at the lowest possible - for your business - rates.

We will show you how to pay less for your electricity. We will give you concrete solutions and tips to achieve this goal… Because you deserve to run a Company where no costs surprise you.

How does it sound?

We are experts in electricity, which is why we will also perform for you:

  • Energy measurements We carry out full-scale energy measurements and modernise metering and billing systems. We design, build and refurbish transformer stations for C2X and B2X customers.

  • Reactive power compensation We deal with the full range of reactive power compensation. From taking measurements of reactive power, through cost analysis, to the installation of reactive power compensation systems and their warranty and post-warranty service.

What savings do our clients achieve?


(owner of a car repair shop near Kraków)
He pays PLN 279 for electricity today. The current market price is … PLN 1,400! In his case, it’s not 20, not 30, but 80% savings! And it will be like that for at least three more years.
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Average electricity price reduction
Companies served
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Satisfied customers
pizzeri owner
Tań performed a free audit, at first I was skeptical about changing the seller. They promised that they would protect me against what is inevitable, i.e. upcoming increases on the stock exchange. After some time, I knew that it was worth trusting them – I was guaranteed a low price until the end of 2023, and some friends are on the verge of bankruptcy.

Why is it worth working with us?

You signed the contract, they convinced you and the company disappeared? It won’t happen with us! In addition to the free audit, you can count on the ongoing care of a consultant who:
  • contacts you as part of the free invoice service – during the term of the contract,
  • advises you what to look out for in order to save even more,
  • is on top of all changes and reacts quickly in the event of further increases.

Guaranteed lower prices until the end of 2032!


Any business – regardless of size – can check if there is a cheaper offer for it and switch electricity supplier. All you need to do is make an appointment to speak to us and bring your latest electricity bill with you – we’ll take care of the rest.
Changing supplier is completely free of charge.
No. We will carry out the audit for you free of charge.
There is no such need – only the energy seller changes, and the Distribution System Operator (DSO) remains the same. It may be that your DSO wants to replace the meter, but it will do this for you free of charge.
In Poland, we have 5 main Distribution System Operators, each assigned to a specific territory (there are many more Operators – over 180 – but these five serve the largest number of customers). The OSD cannot be changed (unless you move to the other end of Poland). The operator is responsible for supplying customers with electricity, purchased from sellers in your area – it is the operator that carries out repairs and takes all your calls. The Energy Seller is the entity you buy your electricity from – and it is with the Seller that you can negotiate prices or change to one that offers better terms.
This is out of the question. Distribution charges are regulated top-down – by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office. And this means that the distributor cannot change the fees without the Office’s consent.
It depends on the contract you have with your current seller. It usually includes a one-month notice period with effect at the end of the month. Therefore, the whole process can take between one and a maximum of two months.
Some of our customers take care of all the paperwork for switching Sellers themselves. Generally, everything should already be taken care of by the new Seller. In order for us to complete the entire process for you, all you need to do is sign the power of attorney provided with the contract to represent you.


You are only 1 step away from lower bills!