About us

Mission statement

We effectively reduce your corporate utility bills.

We have been pursuing this goal unchangingly for almost 15 years, although the brand tańszemedia.pl was established less than five years ago. No one likes to overpay and we like to help – over 700 companies have already trusted us, for which we thank you very much.

The Vision

We want to continue on this path – to show business owners that they can pay less. You don’t have to agree to everything offered by the biggest players in the market – with our help you get prices tailored individually to your business.

Together with you, we plan measures that, in the long-term plan, maximise the profits from your business and develop it in the most environmentally friendly way possible. And once this has been achieved, we won’t leave you alone – the market is changing quickly, and we want our customers to feel looked after and reassured about their bills.

Our consultants:

We have a number of specialists and consultants overseeing the best conditions for your business. They are the ones who fight like tigers and negotiate the best prices – on your behalf.

And that’s us:
Wojciech Poznański
Commander-in-chief and founder of the tańszemedia.pl brand. He has been involved in the energy market for 15 years. Anyone who knows him knows that you can always count on him. His ingenuity and stubbornness in pursuit of his goal makes the optimisation proposals he has prepared and the amount of reductions in utility bills astonishing.

Privately a happy husband, dad and football fan. He spends every spare moment, and there aren’t many, riding a quad. His greatest pleasure comes from listening to the high revs of the engine 🙂
Responsible for customer contact and ensuring that your invoices are always on time, that your prices are always the best. She keeps an eye on your contract term. With patience of an angle, she reminds you to send us your invoices so that we can analyse them and educate you on what to do to pay less.

Privately, she is a fan of healthy food and a champion of making the best coffee in town. She loves all animals, but probably most of all the cat, which notoriously, like a student, comes to our office window at happy hour to get something to eat.
He is responsible for analysis, and arranging meetings with you. We believe that his persistence in making appointments has saved many businesses from high electricity and gas bills. Our main deliveryman of documents to distributors, we laugh that he no longer stands in queues because everyone knows him, it is the queues that form behind him.

Privately an automotive fan, who sighs for every Alfa Romeo he sees on the street, so sometimes it takes him longer than others to travel the same distance.
Jola and her phone. She should already have several monuments erected with the money that entrepreneurs have saved thanks to her. If she could she would make two phone calls at the same time, that’s how she enjoys calling. Her heavenly voice has already calmed down many clients who had other things to do than make an appointment with us. They are all happy today:)

Privately a fan of hats and photography. She can capture anything, there are rumours that she intends to photograph electricity in the near future, Our Cheaper one 🙂
We keep our fingers crossed!
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