Reduce your company's bill using a modern utility management system.

We will help you locate problems related to the use of utilities in your company and we will take care of maintaining the parameters of energy utilities at an optimal (and profitable!) level.

Wondering if your company’s utility bills could be lower? Would you like to optimise your electricity, gas, water, air conditioning and heating consumption?

Looking for an effective way to reduce your utility bills?

Opt for a modern utility control system!

All it takes is one decision:
Either you agree to ever-higher bills,
Or… you effectively optimise your company’s utility costs!
If you choose the latter, then:

How does the utilities monitoring system work?

The company’s utility management equipment is used to determine the real demand for gas, electricity, water, air conditioning and heating.

Supply disruptions, poor quality or unoptimized consumption lead to low efficiency and a simultaneous increase in bills.


With our utility monitoring system, you obtain information on the energy consumption structure of the entire company as well as individual departments.

Thanks to the modular design of the system, you can implement it immediately across the whole company – or do it in stages – depending on your current needs and funding. You can also integrate consumption information for different utilities in one place.

The cost of implementing a utilities monitoring system pays off quickly – especially since utility prices are growing at a dizzying pace. Controlling production parameters and utility consumption reduces infrastructure costs by up to 50%!

With our help, taking control of utility costs is quick and efficient:

1. We explain how the system works

We advise and show you how to operate the system and how to save money through it.

2. We design and install a system tailored to your needs and capabilities

We analyse your company's utility bills, create a design and cost estimate according to your preferences and implement the system in your company.

3. We suggest what you can do to further reduce your company's utility costs

so that you can enjoy optimum consumption and low bills as soon as possible

Optimise your company’s utility costs and save up to … on your daily work!

How does it sound?

What savings do our clients achieve?

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owner of a wellness salon
I had a problem with higher invoices, Wojciech Poznański helped me and explained various parameters that I did not understand before. He explained what we could save on, I didn’t have to worry about anything, termination and all matters related to the rewriting of contracts were on their side. I am satisfied – throughout the entire contract they analyzed invoices on an ongoing basis, solved every problem – and everything was free of charge. I heartily recommend.

Why is it worth working with us?

In addition to free consultations, you can count on the ongoing care of our adviser, who:
  • contacts you as part of a free service,
  • advises you what to look out for in order to save even more,
  • is on top of all changes – he calls and let you know that there are new products on the market that save you even more on the fixed costs of running your business!


The system can theoretically be used by anyone, but it doesn’t make sense in case of some activities. Such monitoring serves its purpose in manufacturing and service companies that use the utilities more extensively.
No. We will carry out the audit for you free of charge.
The first conclusions can be drawn as early as XX days after installation of the system. Our advisers will help, free of charge, to go through the process of optimising and rewriting contracts to benefit your business.
You can opt out of the system at any time, but it is not recommended. The changes in the energy market are so dynamic that ongoing control is even essential to maintain the viability of the business.
It depends on the size of your company and the number of modules you choose. It usually does not take more than a few hours.
There is no need for this. You have the right to control expenditure – including for utilities.


You are only 1 step away from lower bills!