Install electric vehicle charging posts and... attract more customers!

Electric cars are gaining popularity… take advantage of it! Attract customers who will be able to learn about your company’s offerings and use its services while charging their car.

Do you run a business that is visited by crowds of people every day? E.g. a shopping mall, car park, hotel, restaurant, petrol station or sports and leisure facility?

Are you looking for a modern way to attract additional customer groups (including premium customers) and make your offer more attractive?

Do you want to create an image of a green company?

Invest in electric car charging posts! This way, your customers will be able to charge their car while using your company’s other services – and that’s an attractive, double, benefit for them!


The cost of installing car charging posts pays off quickly – especially given the growing popularity of electric-powered cars. By installing such poles in your company, you not only protect the environment and attract customers driving such vehicles, but you include the value of the investment in your business costs and deduct VAT!

With our help, the installation and configuration of the posts is quick and efficient:

1. We will personalize charging and energy storage devices

we will advise on the best solution for your business.

2. We will prepare the design of the station

adapting it to its surroundings. You can choose from 160,000 personalisation options for the post.

3. We comprehensively supervise and service the system

so that you don't have to worry about anything.

Combine modernity with ecology and gain another group of satisfied customers.

How does it sound?

What benefits do our clients achieve?

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Satisfied customers
powder paint shop owner
I had a diesel car for a long time, Wojciech Poznański proposed an ecological and cheaper solution. I no longer have to waste time refueling, now I charge the car whenever I want and at home.

This saves me a lot of time as well as money.

Why is it worth working with us?

You signed the contract, you were persuaded, the posts were installed and the company disappeared? It won’t happen with us! You can count on the constant care of our consultant, who:
  • contacts you as part of a free service,
  • suggests what to look out for in order to reduce the costs generated in the company,
  • is on top of all changes, calls and lets you know that there are new products on the market that will allow you to attract new customers and save on your business!

As the product is made in Poland, you do not have to worry about component availability. This is not another product to produce which no one is going to tell you about.

We personalise it according to your expectations but also to the surroundings, so that it forms an eye-catching decoration.

A charging station is a necessity today, soaring fuel prices are conducive to the development of electromobility. The benefits of owning an electric car are no longer ecological but economic. Such a vehicle needs to be charged somewhere, why not at your restaurant or hotel? Did you know that owning a station is another way to get a premium customer?

By tasting your delicious dishes or using the SPA zone, the guest gains time. Their vehicle is charging during this time. You provide unforgettable moments. They will definitely come back for more.


Depending on whether the station is open to the public or only for a specific group of people, different formalities have to be fulfilled. They concern the pre-construction, during and after completion of the project. To make the process as easy as possible for you, we take you through each stage.
Did you know that a charging station does not cost a “fortune” ? The simplest solutions cost several thousand. The price, however, depends on your expectations. So let us work with you to create something that meets your expectations and, through uniqueness, sets you apart from the competition. We are convinced that we will pleasantly surprise you with the price for the solution you are looking for.
Billing requires an energy meter, a user identification system and a communications module. This makes it possible to keep and read a record of the charging history and, on the basis of this, to calculate the charges. Settlements can be generated automatically or manually.
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You are only 1 step away from lower bills!